we know that forests play a key role in the water cycle, soil conservation, carbon sequestration and habitat protection and that their comprehensive and sustainable management is crucial for maintaining these functions, sustaining the livelihoods of the people who depend on them, improving the national economy, but also for achieving sustainable agriculture and food security.

To meet this challenge we have developed a Theory of Change which is based on achieving our mission:



Program of inclusive business and socioeconomic development whose objective is to develop innovative solutions that promote local economies around forest products, maximizing the socioeconomic benefits of the forest and ensuring sustainable harvesting.



Integrated forest management program whose objective is to support forest users to develop a set of actions that allow the identification, analysis and implementation of the most optimal and sustainable management options in forest landscapes.



The monitoring and restoration program of productive forest systems aims to implement monitoring strategies in forest landscapes that allow the generation of information for decision making regarding their use and restoration.